• Robyn F.


  • The mix of training and education was excellent. The puppy socialising was really good. I found the classes very enjoyable and a great start to life with a puppy. The staff and trainers were knowledgeable, professional and very competent. Thank you so much.

  • Mike S.


  • Very happy with the content and conduct of the course. Will certainly be recommending this to others. Our thanks to Ant and Brooke (Roxy's BFF!).

  • Michelle E.


  • Extremely informative, comprehensive and benefical - way more than I had expected.

Jean P.


Lots of good hand-outs, in particular, foods and plants that can be harmful to our pets. It was great to feel comfortable having Luna off the lead and mixing with the other dogs and having fun. Overall, a great experience and Luna now loves coming to the vet surgery rather than feeling anxious. Thank you

Jamie-Lee J.


This was extremely beneficial for Maverick with his anxiety. He was like a different dog at the end of the course. Amazing value for money too.

Kim P.


It was lovely to watch the puppies come out of their shell and play together. Freddy's last two weeks he was excited to get there to see his puppy pals. Maddie and Roni were informative and patient puppy trainers. Their explanations were clear and they assisted us if they saw we needed it.

Leanne H.


Thanks to the team for having Billie and Snow. Was a great amount of information, really handy to have the info printed out to read through at home. Not always able to take it in when trying to settle excited puppies.

Very helpful to have the training also, and then the time for socialising. We learned a lot and loved being able to socialise too. Our training is being put to use and we are becoming very good doggo's!

Katrina M.

I found each class very informative and worth attending. It surpassed my expectations of what information I needed to raise a healthy and happy dog.


Very happy we attended. I found the ladies extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

Jenni M.

Great bunch of ladies who made everyone feel welcome and answered any questions asked and were very helpful and didn't make you feel silly asking questions.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all three trainers and start our journey on the right path with our puppy. It is greatly appreciated.



Maddie and Roni are amazing you made us feel so comfortable. Thank you!!

Nicolette C.

Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Bli Bli Vets. We learnt a lot and found the interaction with Jazzy and the other puppies around the same age was very beneficial. Thank you!

Kathryn G.

A really great experience all round. Having the detailed pamphlets was very useful for others to read at home.


Fun, friendly and informative.  

Stacey R

Ben and I thought it was great! Lots of information (at class and to take home), socialisation with other puppies and practical training to sit, stay, come etc. If there was a Puppy School for the next level of training we would be there!

Evelyn G.

I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much. Roni had excellent knowledge with behavioral training. All girls were beautiful to work with and each had great knowledge to share which we have benefited from. It would have been great if you provide puppy advanced school as it is so nearby for us and Minnie loved it there.


I didn't expect such good detail on health etc., so it was really more than we expected.

Uwe G.

Wish it had been around for our first dog in 2007. Great work from the Bli Bli Vet team.  

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